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AC Not Working? A Guide to Common AC Problems and How to Solve Them

Americans love their air conditioning; nearly 100 million homes have it. Nothing makes people more miserable than being in a hot home where the AC doesn’t work.

Your AC not working doesn’t have to be something that you accept and live with. Instead, you can learn the common reasons for your AC not working and the simple ways you can fix it.

So let’s get your AC working!

Frozen Evaporator Coils

These are the coils that the refrigerant flows through. They pull the heat out of the air as is circulates around them. When things go wrong, a layer of ice forms on the coils.

Now they can’t pull heat out of the air because there is an ice barrier. You’ll want to turn off your system and inspect the filter and fan for blocked airflow. The common reason for ice formation is low warm airflow.

Leaky Ducts

The ducts are how the cool air gets distributed throughout your home. They are typically in the ceiling, but you can also find them in the walls.

If there are holes or breaks in your ductwork, then the cool air will leak out along the way. Now, less cooling air is making it into your home. No one wants to pay to cool their attic.

If your ducts are in the attic, you can go up there and repair the ducts. The exact process will vary depending on the material used for your ducts. Most ducts are made of sheet metal.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the liquid that your AC unit needs to remove humidity and heat from the air that circulates through your home. You end up with low refrigerant when there is a leak in the lines.

Unfortunately, fixing this problem involves more than just putting in more refrigerant. You need to have a repair technician come out and inspect the lines to find the leak.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Just like the coils won’t work if they are covered in ice, they also lose effectiveness when they are covered in dirt and grime. This can happen if you live in an area that has a lot of pollution or dust in the air.

About twice a year is sufficient for keeping most units clean. Start by using a coil brush to remove the large pieces of debris. Then rinse them with water from the hose.

Spray a coil cleaner onto them and let it sit for 10 minutes. Once the cleaner has had a chance to do its job, rinse the coils clean.

Is Your AC Not Working?

Sometimes your AC not working is more than a simple fix. If this is the case, then you most likely need professional help.

Hiring a reputable AC repair means that extensive issues will get the attention they need. You can also arrange for regular maintenance to ensure this situation doesn’t happen again.

If none of these efforts fix your AC, it may be time to replace your unit. We can help, contact us today, and let’s get your home cool again.

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