As long as Colorado winters can be, our state takes pride in its 300 days of sunshine, and the summer months in Fort Collins are hotter than ever. Extreme temperatures are not only uncomfortable for families and pets alike, but also unsafe. Repairing and updating your air conditioning unit is the key to a smooth summer season and saving money on your energy bills over time. Lucky for you, the technicians and HVAC experts at Bauer Mechanical Services are here to prevent those hot, humid, sticky days when air conditioners break in the dead of summer.

ac repair ft collins

Failures, especially in extreme temperatures, are common, but we aim to take steps to prevent major breaks and extend the life of your air conditioning unit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for half of the average household’s energy use, and a clean, safe, high-efficiency unit can easily reduce energy use for savvy Fort Collins families. Our HVAC technicians can offer advice, answer questions, and perform the right repairs for your ailing air conditioning unit to quickly repair it and restore comfort to your home.


It’s important to check your cooling system’s air filters, evaporators, and refrigerant levels regularly.


Our services include all this and more. We ensure thorough and informed inspections to check for common air flow problems, potential leaks, and gauge your unit’s overall performance, safety, and efficiency. Our experts will also check to make sure your thermostat, sensors, motor and compressor are clean and in top working order.


Cleaning out dirty, clogged air conditioning units can also fix common efficiency and airflow problems. To get your unit back up and running, let our experts diagnose the problem with a quick and easy service inspection. A clean, working air conditioning unit does more than just cooling the air in your home. It also takes humidity out of the air to ensure a comfortable indoor climate.


At Bauer Mechanical, we’re proud to offer duct system inspection and repair along with inspecting your singular air conditioning unit. After all, your entire home cooling system is subject to wear and tear over the years.


An annual maintenance check will ensure your air conditioning unit is running at peak efficiency. Turn to us for professional, technical expertise when it comes to the inspection and repair of your home air conditioning unit. We’ll ensure your unit is clean, up to date, and running smoothly in no time.

Call Bauer Mechanical today, and rest easy tomorrow.