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Best time to Repair a Furnace in Fort Collins, CO

Winter is coming.

If you haven’t had an experienced Ft. Collins, CO HVAC technician out to your home to give your system a once over, that’s something you’ll want to do much sooner than later. Yes, we understand this may seem like an odd thing to add to your fall to-do list, especially if your furnace seems to be running fine.

However, we feel it’s always better to err on the side of caution! It’s always best to repair or replace parts that are on the verge of failure before they turn into a problem. This type of preventative maintenance can help ensure you’re not left in the cold when the outdoor temperature starts to drop.

At Bauer Mechanical HVAC we understand the importance of performing furnace evaluations in the fall. If we feel there are issues with your system that need to be addressed, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our findings. If we think there are parts that need to be replaced, we’ll explain how we came to that decision, so you can decide whether you want to move forward with a repair.

Best time to repair a furnace

The best time to repair a problem with your furnace is before you experience a failure.

When you call our company, we’ll schedule a convenient time for one of our technicians to come to your home to give your system a once over.  We only hire the best and most experienced HVAC technicians which means we know what types of things to look for.

If we feel there are parts of your furnace that need to be lubricated, we’ll take care of that. If we discover one or more components that seem as if they may be prone to failure in the upcoming months, we’ll let you know. Like we said, the best time to repair your HVAC is before a part fails.

Fall HVAC repair is always best

If you wait until your system fails, and your furnace experiences a failure during the peak winter months, you’ll likely need to wait longer to get an appointment. When you schedule a furnace repair in the fall, before the winter season is in full swing, you’ll likely be able to get a HVAC technician to your home in a few days.

Yes, you can always contact a HVAC company for an emergency repair, but an emergency, 2am repair will likely cost a lot more than a fall-time maintenance appointment.

Furnace repair experts in Fort Collins

If you haven’t had someone out to take a look at your furnace in more than a year, call Bauer Mechanical HVAC today. We’ll inspect your system for worn bolts, we’ll inspect your air filters and we’ll make sure your system is running in tip-top shape.

Remember, we’re locally owned and operated and we have experience in working with all types of furnaces. Call us today at 970-635-0266 to speak with a customer care specialist you can trust.

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