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Focusing In on Furnaces: Avoid Overspending

Our team at Bauer Mechanical Services HVAC is committed to offering a service that’s hard to beat across the Front Range and held with high regard by our neighbors. With two decades of expertise and over ten years of experience working in ft collins colorado, our expertise is unparalleled, and we’ve made it a point to get to know the needs of our neighbors.

Focusing on your furnace unit is a top priority through the heating season. When your unit requires maintenance or repair, a professional should avoid overstating the problem or misdiagnosing it. These types of mistakes are what cost customers more cash in the long run and chip away at a quality business relationships between local companies like our own and our neighbors on the Front Range. At Bauer Mechanical, our experts can easily get to the bottom of what happened to your unit and build a quick and effective game plan to get your furnace back up and running in no time. On the coldest nights of the year, time is precious, and your safety and health are our top priority. We take pride in a job well done, and the fast, friendly service we’ve offered our customers over the years that’s the reason we are the best furnace repair company in ft collins Colorado.

But not every furnace call yields the same discoveries, and each one of our clients is unique. Our goal at Bauer Mechanical is not just to put a band-aid on your home heating and cooling system’s issue and walk away, but rather to make thoughtful and quality improvements in order to extend the life of your system and improve its efficiency. Your satisfaction with our services is contingent upon how much we can do for you when you need it most. Ask a Bauer Mechanical technician how to get the most out of your system day in and day out; we keep up with the latest industry innovations and technologies to ensure we’re providing the very best to customers like you.

If replacing your furnace is a better option, talk with a Bauer Mechanical HVAC expert about what size and type of unit would be the best fit for your home. Factors in this decision include your family’s needs, home size, energy efficiency goal or preference, cost, and more. It’s normal to find that homeowners in Northern Colorado previously had a unit that was not correctly fitted to their space, was out of date or was otherwise costing them extra money by way of energy usage. At Bauer Mechanical, we’re dedicated to saving you money and helping you sleep a little better knowing your home system will provide reliable comfort no matter what the weather brings outside.

Call us today at Bauer Mechanical to set up a maintenance appointment or inquire about a furnace replacement service.


Gotta Love Local: Choosing Bauer Mechanical Services HVAC

One thing is certain about Bauer Mechanical’s commitment to the Front Range: we love local! As a local business that has been running for over a decade, we understand the difficulties and feeling of fulfillment that comes with owning and operating a business in a community that’s near and dear to your heart.

There are a few major advantages in choosing services performed by small local businesses like our own across ft collins, and many of those come down to customer service. We may not always be able to out-bid a larger company for the same amount of work, but the experience a company like us offers to customers is singular in that it’s personal, it’s memorable, and it’s transparent. Small businesses lack the bureaucracy that makes it difficult to reach upper (or even middle) management for consumers. In our case, our main line goes directly to our owners, who see as many job sites day to day as our company’s employees do. We belief in putting a face to the company name and providing professional, compassionate, and fair treatment to our customers.

Not only are we dedicated to serving our community, but we’re also deeply invested in it. Our kids attend school here, our families live in homes scattered across Northern Colorado, we spend our hard-earned cash on the local economy, and we wake up every day with the same reverence for the Rocky Mountain skyline as our neighbors. We don’t just take pride in our work, but we also love providing service people can count on.

Let a local business provide you with cost-saving service this holiday season, utilizing the best materials, skilled technicians, and customer service possible. Invest in the local economy by choosing a small business like Bauer Mechanical Services. Our staff is ready to assist homeowners with any HVAC system need, be it repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance. Give us a call today to get ahead of the heating season.


What’s that Sound? Common Furnace Issues

It’s never great news when you begin to hear appliances making funny noises, but things get a little more intense when it’s your furnace squealing away. During heating season, our furnace units are our lifeline on cold, snowy nights and the idea of a breakdown is the last thing many homeowners want to deal with as the holidays approach. Our team at Bauer Mechancial Services HVAC is ready to help you and your family get out ahead of any forgotten maintenance or potential furnace repair this season, and put together a few points about what to listen for if your furnace is crying out for help. Here’s what might warrant a call to our technicians:


Banging or popping sounds often stem from filthy burners or the expansion and contraction of air ducts in the furnace unit. These sounds do not always indicate an emergency, but may require a service call to make sure it’s not the start of something more serious. If those burners are indeed dirty, they might be taking extra time to ignite due to a buildup of dirt and debris. Gas, in turn, will build up, and cause a loud sound when the ignition finally does happen. Essentially, they’re causing small-scale explosions that could lead to costly damage to the furnace unit’s heat exchange element down the road. To prevent this, simply clean these burners on a regular basis. A Bauer Mechanical tech can easily show you how to do this safely, and will happily help out.

If the air ducts are fluctuating quickly or dramatically as air temperatures change, they often made a slight popping noise. Usually, people can hear it after the furnace blower turns off after a cycle. This is no cause for immediate alarm, but be a sign that your air ducts were improperly installed or not sized correctly. This prospect is worth a service call to Bauer Mechanical, since improper duct systems can cause inefficiencies and damage down the road for homes.

Constant Squeal

This sound often points directly to the blower. A malfunction is generally easy to fix for any HVAC technician, so putting in a call as soon as possible is best for this situation. If the blower wheel is malfunctioning, you might even hear metal scraping against metal. This is a more pressing issue and an expert should be called in right away to give attention to the problem before anything else happens to your furnace unit.

Bauer Mechanical technicians are trained to respond to a variety of service calls and are happy to assist with any reports of unexplainable or uncommon noises coming from a furnace unit. We’d rather our customers be proactive and call us for small repairs than wait for a bigger issue to arise.


Bauer Mechanical’s Tips for Cleaning Your HVAC System

We all lead busy lives. It’s typical for homeowners to forget about the units and system keeping their home comfortable until extreme temperatures arrive, and one of the best ways to ensure that the system performs on the days you need it most is to keep it clean year-round. To improve reliability and reduce allergens in the air, we’ve put together a few simple and quick ways to keep your HVAC system clean before having to call an expert.

A home HVAC system is made up of multiple elements, and each of them has to be cleaned or dusted at some point. We’ll tell you why.

Air Flow

The reason air filters are important to change on a regular basis is simple. All the air in your home will filter through the HVAC system’s air filter at some point in time. This means all the air particles you and your family breathe will come in contact with the air filter. Keeping the filter clean not only increases air flow throughout the house, but also helps make sure that air is clean air, keeping you and your family safe from allergic reactions, irritants, and bacteria that could get you sick.


Clean filters, believe it or not, also save you money. If airflow increases in a home, the system at large does not have to cycle as many times to reduce or increase air temperatures in each room. This means the system is doing less work, and using less energy overall. The best part is, these differences and savings are often noticeable on your bills; look out for them!

Less Paid Maintenance

A little extra cleaning work here and there could actually reduce the need for a technician to come fix problems with your home HVAC unit through each heating and cooling season. Most systems with unexplained problems and inefficiencies are often that way because they’re dirty. Your HVAC system works hard to heat and cool your home, and the harder it has to work, the more you’ll see a technician like our team at Bauer Mechanical.

If you have a reusable filter, simply clean the filter whenever it seems necessary. Otherwise, check the filter once per month to see if it needs cleaning or replacement. If you don’t know how to change your air filter, an HVAC specialist will be happy to show you the system’s basic features and functions. Once a homeowner understands how to check, clean, and replace their air filters, they often find it’s one of the easiest and cheapest chores to do to keep a home HVAC system clean and functional.

Cleaning the air ducts is a different story. Annually or biannually, call in an HVAC specialist to check your air ducts. These services have noticeable and obvious results, since dust will be less of a common occurrence in your house leading up to the next service after that.



Why we’re dedicated to the business that affects everyone

Our team at Bauer Mechanical Services, HVAC is proof that a dream can quickly become reality with the right kind of training and hard work. But our mission to provide comfort to families along the Front Range year-round wouldn’t be satisfied without one more invaluable aspect of our business: customer service.

The fact of the matter is, a service like HVAC doesn’t just affect a single group. It’s, in many ways, a necessity to make a house feel like a home, and to make any commercial space productive, comfortable, and livable for most people and the items that are stored inside. Whatever the temperature or condition outside, a well-done HVAC system can help families forget the icy frost and blistering heat to focus on what matters, be it work or quality time with the ones you love most.

At Bauer Mechanical, HVAC is more than just a trade that pays the bills. It’s a craft at which we’ve worked to perfect for over two decades, and also a skill that’s been passed down along generational lines and reinvented to serve the technological needs of the day and satisfy the modern homeowner.

Our customers aren’t just business owners, or the average family. We build efficient, lasting HVAC systems in every kind of structure, from multi-family homes, expansive master-planned communities and apartment complexes to remote custom homes nestled in the Rockies. Each living space has it’s own unique needs and technical limits, and each homeowner, and landlord have a different idea of what will work. At Bauer Mechanical, it’s our job to work with our customers and offer decades of expertise to lay out the very best HVAC plan with the most cost-effective, lasting details available on today’s market.

We don’t just serve a select few. Quality HVAC units and systems are for every homeowner and renter, and we believe comfort is achievable no matter what. Our technicians specialize in furnace and air conditioning unit installation, system repairs, original ductwork and repair, and system diagnosis. Let us provide the service you deserve at a price you’ll love today.


Don’t Pay Too Much for HVAC-The Bauer Mechanical Quality Promise

Another fall season, another maintenance to-do list. Like we recommended in the spring with your air conditioning unit, it’s best to service other HVAC components like your furnace, duct system, and home humidifier (if applicable) ahead of the first big snowstorm of the winter. We’ve experienced fairly mild temperatures east of the Rocky Mountains this fall, and Bauer Mechanical wants to remind homeowners that it’s never too early to get out ahead of valuable maintenance to avoid any last-minute emergencies or services in the wintertime.

But what’s a good price for an HVAC service? At Bauer Mechanical, we believe it’s important to keep three major things in mind when setting a price or a bid, and those are the project’s size, the potential timeline, and our own abilities to get the job done right, quickly, and with the utmost professionalism to our customers and those who build homes right along side us.

In HVAC, Size Matters

A project’s size doesn’t just dictate the price in number of units or amount of ducts. At Bauer Mechanical, we use our combined expertise to determine what size and type of system are correct to provide the most efficiency and comfort to a single family home, multi-unit complex or apartment/condo. This comes down to the size of vents, ducts, and the furnace unit itself. Our company uses the best and most energy efficient products on the market, and our technicians are trained to optimize your system’s capabilities without wasting any time, space, or money in the process.

We See the Finish Line

An aspect to fairly pricing out a development project or service depends on how long it will take to get the job done. As mentioned before, efficiency is a goal we strive for every day at Bauer Mechanical, and we take our job very seriously when it comes to making the most of our customers time. Though we can’t afford to sacrifice quality and are diligent in getting the job done right the first time, our project timeline plays a big role in the price we charge from service to service. To get a quote for the type of service you need in your home, just give our team a call today and we’ll not only talk about potential maintenance, installation, and repair options for your home’s HVAC system, but also the best and most cost-effective plan for tackling the problem at hand. Our new construction bidding process also works in this fashion, where our timeline is only as long as we believe it’ll take to get the job done at the right price for the market at the time and for the project itself.

Our Know-How is Unparalleled on the Front Range

Our owners at Bauer Mechanical Services HVAC share over forty years of HVAC-specific technical experience, and have been serving the Front Range under our current name for over a decade. Our technicians have seen every type of home style in every shape and size. When it comes to building homes in Colorado, our team understands exactly what it takes to make that home as comfortable and sustainable as possible when it comes to heating and cooling the air inside. Achieving peak humidity is also very important, especially on the dry mile-high desert east of the Rockies.

If you believe you’re paying too much for a heating or cooling repair, maintenance, or installation service, give Bauer Mechanical a call. We’ll not only set your path straight again, but also offer a fair, competitive fee for the same service, with quality guaranteed, no matter what.


The Basics of Your Bauer Mechanical HVAC System

Heating Up

A home’s heating system is made of a few basic components. These include the furnace, the duct system, and correlating vents to help facilitate airflow throughout your home. Most of the time, a home’s furnace unit is located in the basement or garage. In Colorado especially, these are great places to put a unit because they’re naturally a cooler temperature than the rest of the house, due to low insulation and underground placement.

Home heating and cooling systems also include fuel burners, components called ‘heat exchangers’, and a flue. Depending on the age of your furnace unit, you may also have a pilot light in the unit itself that keeps a constant flame lit by a gas valve that ignites the unit as it cycles air through the house all day long.

To break it down, an electric current or pilot light will essentially power the heat exchanger to heat cold air that’s passed through the furnace unit as your home system cycles. A blower will help air travel away from the unit and push it through the ducts inside your home, thoroughly heating up rooms all across the house in a matter of hours.

A home cooling system works in a very similar way to the heating system, in that it brings the temperature of outside air down as it’s pulled into a condenser unit and then pushed out to the rest of the home after that process is over. Air conditioning units utilize refrigerant to bring air outside the house down to a reasonable room temperature or desired level before the air is effectively blown through your home’s air ducts and into each and every room of the structure.

The central intelligence of your home’s HVAC system is the thermostat. You can manually change temperatures and, in many modern cases, program it to change settings automatically based on time of day or vacations programmed ahead of time where you may be out of the house for a while. Saving money often starts with a small but worthwhile investment into a thermostat that can be reprogrammed with a digital touchscreen user interface.

Though these are just the basics for many home HVAC systems, they’re some of the most integral parts of your day to day comfort. Oftentimes, homeowners and renters alike don’t really realize how much they take HVAC for granted, until something breaks. And in that case, we’re the right company to call and use for your seasonal repairs, maintenance appointments, and new-home or renovation-ready system installation appointments. We also can answer questions and lead you down a well-informed path to choose other HVAC ‘extras’ like home humidifiers, radiant heating, and other products that may add value and the feeling of ‘home’ to your house or apartment.

Bauer Mechanical Community Corner-Taking care of each other this holiday season

As the holidays inch nearer by the day, we at Bauer Mechanical services believe it’s important to get out in the community and lend a helping hand to those in need this holiday season. As Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, and the rest of our communities in Northern Colorado continue to grow, we believe our community’s mentality can maintain that small-town community mindset we all have fallen for over the years. If you haven’t already thought of the perfect way to get involved as we welcome the fall and winter months, we’ve put together a list of a few constantly-running volunteer opportunities that make a difference and provide a little bit of fun for volunteers.

Find your Salvation

Surprisingly, we’re not just talking about the Salvation Army here. Although it’s a tried-and-true organization that directly impacts local communities, volunteering for the Salvation Army this holiday season may not be exactly the experience you’re looking for. If so, there’s really no way to go wrong with either donating your spare cash or spare time to feeding and clothing others through this organization.

However, there are also a plethora of small churches and religious organizations scattered throughout Fort Collins and nearby cities that gather to not only worship, but also to give back. Regardless of how you worship, we at Bauer Mechanical strongly believe that a productive holiday season is one reaching out to meet others where they are and offering friendship and community while providing donations and/or services while we’re at it. Ask your local place of worship to see how you can help your immediate community today, whether it’s through a dedicated day of service, an Adopt-a-Child program or something new.

Enforce your Community Commitment

To help out through the public sector this season, look into volunteering for a local care provider or hospital or look into participating in programs like Santa Cops, run by various police departments and sheriff’s offices across Larimer county. These public institutions partner with different organizations each year and target new families in need that are brought to attention by community members like you. If you’re interested in extending a hand to a child, a family that’s barely scraping by throughout the holidays or someone who’s sick and praying for a miraculous recovery, programs like these allow citizens like us to make a real, tangible, satisfying impact on our local communities and those that contribute to them.

Get Creative

Finally, you can dig deep into new ways of helping others by playing to your strengths this season. Our craft might be quality HVAC system maintenance and repair, but talents vary widely across the Fort Collins area. If you have a special talent or spare time to utilize a skill for the sake of others, whether it’s wrapping gifts or offering a pro-bono service like ours, find someone who may need it and offer yourself up to helping them. Who knows, you could build your network of friends and warm acquaintances by more than you’d expect this season.

Air conditioner

The Cost of Repairs-Common Services and Emergencies

Homeowners on the Front Range know what they’re up against in the winter months, and are often proactive about scheduling maintenance and fixing issues before they turn into costly problems. But common services do occur, especially in the fall that could end up costing more than most bargained for.

Here are some related costs and tips to avoid these common pressing HVAC needs:

A Home Serve study in 2015 showed that a quarter of households have no saving set aside for home heating and air conditioning system repairs or replacements. At Bauer Mechanical, we want to assure you’re able to feel safe and comfortable during the heating season while also being able to afford services we provide.

Some of the most common problems we at Bauer Mechanical deal with during service calls are cleaning and replacing dirty vent systems and air filters, repairing or replacing ignition and pilot lights, diagnosing and repairing generalized system decline and wear, and changing or reprogramming a thermostat that’s not performing.

There are multiple things you can do to avoid these simple services from becoming full-on replacements (at least premature ones), and the first is to actually schedule maintenance inspections and walkthroughs annually. It’s better to spend less money on preventative services than a whole lot more on costly repairs and replacements after the fact, especially when most problems can be avoided. Another way to save is by monitoring your own air filter and vents by dusting them where you can reach and asking your HVAC technician to show you where to find your air filter and how to inspect it. Next, learn the ways of programming your thermostat after upgrading to a digital interface with Bauer Mechanical services. We’re big fans of thermostats that give more power to the homeowner in managing their airflow needs as seasons in Colorado change.

While you’re taking a more proactive approach to maintaining your home’s HVAC system, work on saving up an emergency fund for repairs and replacement across the various sectors of home improvement. We’re happy to work with you on naming a fair price for our services that won’t break the bank, but it’s all a less stressful process when there’s a little cash set aside for life’s setbacks and emergencies. You can also look into warranties that come along with your home’s HVAC components like your air conditioning unit and furnace, as well as duct system parts and your thermostat. Ask one of our techs about your system’s warranty information.

Space Heater Safety

Space Heater Safety

If your home lacks central heating or you find yourself using a space heater to supplement regular airflow through your home, there are a number of ways that very device offering temporary comfort can cause large safety concerns in the home. At Bauer Mechanical Services, we want our customers to have access to warm air during winter’s coldest months on the Front Range, no matter what. We’ve put together a few do’s and don’t’s for space heater safety this winter:

Don’t Run It All Night

If you’re looking for some extra coziness to get to sleep at night, be sure to only run your space heater on a timer system, so it turns off automatically after you fall asleep and does not run through the entire night time. If your heater does not have an automatic timer capability, simply remember to run it and set a timer or alarm on your phone to remember to unplug the heater or switch if off before bed. The reason to avoid running a space heater all night is two-fold; one, a space heater may inadvertently cause a fire hazard or a burning smell overnight. If you overuse your space heater it’s more likely to break prematurely, costing you money and warmth as you work to replace it. Second, overheating the air in your home will tend to dry it out, putting you and your family at an even higher risk for dry skin and dehydration in the winter months.

Avoid Carpets and High Places

This one is pretty common-sense, but is worth reiterating. Do not place your space heater on a counter or table, and avoid carpeted areas. This is to avoid damaging the heater unit itself and to limit fire hazards in your home.

Do not share outlets

If you plug your space heater into an outlet, avoid using that outlet for any other electronic devices. Space heaters use a lot of energy, and demanding too much of one outlet in your home can cause a shortage to the system. If this does happen, simply unplug find your electricity panel and reset the breaker switch related to that outlet. It’s also safe to unplug electric items in that general vicinity, since they will most likely be reset as well.

Stay warm this winter with central heating repair and installation from Bauer Mechanical. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or service!