Scheduled Maintenance with Bauer Mechanical

Our beloved Front Range offers an array of heating and cooling challenges for Northern Colorado’s homeowners. Bringing the indoors to the right temperature and the right level of humidity for peak comfort year-round is a difficult task, but our experienced team at Bauer Mechanical Services knows how to get the job done.

We’re equipped to fix even the trickiest of home HVAC problems, but regular maintenance is key to preventing costly repairs and replacements, and drawing longevity out of your current air condenser and furnace units. That’s where our knowledgeable technicians come in.

Scheduling a maintenance check-up or service call at the start of the heating or cooling season could save homeowners from unexpected costs and headaches throughout the year. We’ll identify problems and general wear before they manifest into major damages with a quick and thorough inspection, and walk you through your best options when it comes to HVAC repairs. We’re also happy to give tips on self-care and year-round maintenance for homeowners.

Oftentimes, your home heating and cooling system will face problems if a thermostat is broken or programmed incorrectly, or if a home system’s hardware (vents, condenser units, air filters) is dirty or clogged. Think of your home’s thermostat as the brain center for the HVAC system, and defects in it may throw off your home’s comfort and cause extra costs to come down from utility companies. A quick reprogram or thermostat replacement can fix this kind of issue, and oftentimes, introducing a digital thermostat or zoned system to a home can provide extra savings over time to any Colorado home.

Our landscape on the Front Range makes for beautiful scenery, but also forces homeowners to deal with a higher amount of pollen and dust in the air. Culprits like these are often at fault for dirty air condensers, and make the indoor components of your home’s heating and cooling system work a little harder to keep your home’s air clean and allergen-free. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your home system’s hardware and make sure to either clean these components regularly or call Bauer Mechanical Services to do so.

Cleaning a condenser seems like an easy task, but tougher jobs should be left to the keen eye of an expert technician. It’s better to avoid unnecessary damage to your unit than pay to repair or replace it.

Dirty condensers and air filters greatly affect airflow through your home, making your system work harder to effectively heat and cool the space. It’s important to check your air filter once a month and keep an eye on whether it’s time to replace it. Our technicians can replace dirty filters, show you how it’s done, and give recommendations about independent maintenance.

If you have questions about maintaining your home heating and cooling system or want to schedule a regular maintenance inspection, call Bauer Mechanical Services today.

Pilot Lights 101

Pilot Lights 101: Understanding your Home’s Furnace Unit

If you’re home features a gas furnace unit, you’ve probably seen the pilot light inside, waiting to set your home heating system in motion.

Gas furnaces are common in Colorado’s homes, and every homeowner should understand exactly how they work. In a nutshell the pilot light serves as an ignition mechanism for a home furnace. The furnace is connected to a gas valve, which supplies fuel to the unit and the pilot light, which burns a constant flame. When it’s time to heat your home the pilot light ignites a larger flame with the gas coming from the connected valve. This heats the air circulating through your home.

Because gas furnaces utilize natural gas, they’re not as environmentally friendly as an electric model. They’re also not as energy efficient. But, they tend to save homeowners a lot of cash, since gas is significantly cheaper than electricity to use.  Units built in the past decade adhere to federal energy efficiency standards, regardless of their fuel source. In the case of pilot lights, electric furnace units do not feature them, since they have their own unique mode of ignition. Electric furnace models are continuing to evolve and become competitive with gas furnaces as far as cost. Talk to an expert at Bauer Mechanical Services about your home’s needs and what type of unit might be best for your Front Range home when it comes to comfort and your budget. 

If you’ve never re-lit a pilot light before, it’s best to leave the task to an expert. It’s possible to do alone, since all you need is a flame to re-light the pilot light, but safety is the first priority when it comes to quick repairs like this. And, you’ll want a technician to identify the cause of the outage. Something as small as a light draft can cause a pilot light to flame out, but another reason could be a thermocouple that needs repair or replacement. That’s the panel that helps the pilot light’s flame burn all day and all night. With over two decades of HVAC experience, Bauer Mechanical Services techs can figure out exactly what kinds of repairs your furnace unit needs within minutes.

If your home’s furnace unit is in need of an upgrade, replacement, or regular maintenance check, don’t hesitate to call Bauer Mechanical Services. It’s our priority to assure quick, friendly service to our neighbors along the Front Range that’s precise, knowledgeable, and fair.


Fun Facts: Air Conditioning

School may not be in session just yet, but we’ve got a list for you to learn!

Home HVAC systems are a common perk to living in the year 2017. But of course, it’s important to remember how far we’ve come. Here are a few fun, interesting facts picked up from around the internet and beyond about our trade here at Bauer Mechanical Services, HVAC.

1-The newspaper industry was the first to use modern Air Conditioning units.

When it comes to innovation, most products are created to combat a common pain point. In the case of air conditioners, publishers needed a way to preserve the integrity of their paper supply. Thank Willis Carrier, a New Yorker working in the publishing industry, for the modern air conditioner. He came up with a modern machine to help stop paper expansion in the summer heat in 1902. Fast forward to the Digital Age, and air conditioning units are even more vital, not only to the print medium but also to the large servers that run broadcast channels and the internet. It’s important to keep all those wires cool!

2-But the original idea of making ice to cool down came much earlier.

Jon Gorrie, a doctor in Florida in the mid-1800’s, was actually the one who began making ice with a machine to help his patients cool down. He even got a patent to take the idea further, but never got to do so.

3-Speaking of doctors, medications rely on A/C as much as humans do.

An important part of survival for common medications is the right storage conditions. That means keeping them cool and dry. Modern air conditioning units and cooling systems not only keep the air cool, but they can also control humidity in a given space. Quality HVAC systems make sure the air we breathe and the medications we take stay high quality, keeping us safe.

4-Publishers may have come up with the modern A/C, but movie theaters popularized them.

Movie theaters across the country were among the first businesses to use full HVAC systems to cool theater spaces. The very first building to utilize air conditioning, however, was none other than the the New York Stock Exchange.

5-Air Conditioning may have lowered our ability to deal with heat, according to science.

Studies have shown that after humans were introduced to indoor air conditioning, our ability to handle summertime heat has effectively decreased over time. In our minds, that’s just good engineering.

So there you have it, a few informational gems from around the internet about air conditioning. Give Bauer Mechanical Services a call today for all your home heating and cooling system needs.

Zone heating and cooling sytem

Get on Board with Zone Heating and Cooling with Bauer Mechanical

The first step toward saving money and increasing your home’s energy efficiency is often an investment in programmable thermostats. A step above that, of course is having multiple thermostats control a zoned heating and cooling system in your home.

At Bauer Mechanical Services, we’re fans of zone heating and cooling sytems because they provide peak comfort for homeowners. In Colorado, our semi-arid climate causes quick and dramatic temperature changes, and different parts of your home may have varying heating and cooling needs based on where they’re oriented and how much sunlight floods each room during the day. Even the smallest changes in temperature can create discomfort for homeowners and their guests, so giving extra care and attention to bringing each room of the house to a comfortable air temperature can make any house truly feel like home. Programmable thermostats are digital, making it easy for anyone to customize their settings. Our technicians at Bauer Mechanical Services are happy to answer any questions about your digital thermostat and walk you through the initial steps of customization. These thermostats also come with detailed, user-friendly instructions from manufacturers.

Bauer Mechanical Services can not only help you customize when your home HVAC system will run, but also control how much hot and cold air go to each room. With the right knowledge and programming, your home’s efficiency will rise to a point that saves you significant cash throughout the year.

Programmable thermostats benefit homeowners by allowing your heating and cooling system to save energy when you’re not home during the day. Families can customize their HVAC systems to fit their daily schedules, so a home can work to reach a comfortable temperature before you get home and limit cycles when residents are not there. Statistics from the EPA show that using a programmable thermostat correctly can cut up to 33 percent of annual energy costs. Think of it this way; within a few years, a programmable system may pay for itself after your initial investment to install.

And once your zoned heating and cooling system is installed and customized to your home’s needs, the families we serve are free to relax and enjoy their home’s new level of comfort.

And the best part? Settings can be modified at any point in time using cycle periods, override functions and even timing adjustments to account for longer summer days. 

Ready to upgrade your current home HVAC system? Give Matt Siemens a call today.


Make the Most of your HVAC Warranty

It’s normal to feel a little anxious when investing in a new home appliance, luckily many manufacturers insure their products with a warranty. Bauer Mechanical strives to work with appliances that come with a manufacturer warranty to secure our customers’ investments. Still, even if you have a warranty, it is important to know how to use it effectively. Consequently, this blog will share 3 ways to make the most out of your HVAC warranty.

Find Your Manufacturer

Every manufacturer warranty is different, and in order to find yours you must know the manufacturer of your HVAC appliance. Please note, the manufacturer of your HVAC appliances will likely differ from the service company that installs it. You can find your manufacturer through the product registration card. If appliances came with your home and without warranty information, give your realtor a call.

Know What’s Covered

Before purchasing a new appliance or paying extra for a warranty, know what is covered. It is wise to know what your warranty protects from the beginning, this will eliminate some stress and questions if you are in need of utilizing your warranty.

Ask a Professional

It is best to ask a professional if you have any question regarding your HVAC warranty. Naturally, Bauer Mechanical will answer all of your questions to our best ability and connect you with your HVAC manufacturer. A professional team will be able to provide you with the answers you need.

A manufacturer warranty can save you time and money, but it’s important to know how to apply these warranties. Remember, Bauer Mechanical is not responsible for appliance manufacturer warranties, but we will happily connect you. If your HVAC system is in need of a replacement or repair, give us a call: 970-690-1021. We look forward to working with you.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below, we welcome your feedback.

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3 Key Reasons To Be Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency has become an especially important aspect of being a homeowner. Ensuring your home is eco-friendly and cost effective only makes sense. As a Reno wedded, environmentally conscious HVAC company it is easy for us to see the advantages of investing in energy smart appliances. However, we understand these benefits may not be as apparent to people outside of our industry. Consequently, this blog will share 3 key reasons to be energy efficient.

Saves Money

While energy efficient appliances may cost more on the surface they ultimately save money. Your utility bills will fall dramatically which will quickly make your appliance purchase a financially savvy decision. The Bauer Mechanical team is happy to help you find an appliance that meets your home’s needs and your budget.

Quality of Life

Energy efficient appliances will make your home more comfortable, temperate. Further, they often require less maintenance.  Small things like having to change light bulbs less frequently or appliances that turn off automatically will save you a little bit of time and stress. Sure, investing an energy efficient home will not solve every problem, but it will allow for a little less daily worry.


As mentioned, energy efficient appliances are green and environmentally responsible. If you value living in an eco-conscious living environment the appliances you purchase and their impact on the environment is definitely something you ought to consider. Work with Bauer Mechanical so we can ensure your home is green.

Bauer Mechanical is here to help make your home more energy efficient and to provide you with the tools you need to be a more environmentally conscious home owner.

How do you make your home more energy efficient? Do you feel investing in energy saving appliances improves your life? Let us know in the comments below!

Of course, we offer a number of other services you can find on our website. We hope you found this article on energy efficiency helpful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to give us a call at: NUMBER. We look forward to speaking with you!


Heating Your Tiny House

In the last several years Bauer Mechanical has noticed the tiny house movement has become popular in Loveland, Colorado and surrounding areas. The tiny house movement is a conscious, social decision to live in an extremely confined home in hopes of reducing waste, and ultimately creating more personal freedom.

Perhaps you dream of living simply, and freely in your own tiny home. Maybe you want to renovate a van so you can travel on the cheap. There are many reasons people choose to renovate small, untraditional spaces — whatever your motivation, it’s important to know how to heat your tiny house.

In this article, Bauer Mechanical will address the unique social movement of living in a tiny house and how you can heat your unique living environment.


Propane is a fantastic fuel for tiny homes, because it safe, compact, easy to use, and inexpensive. Many tiny houses rely on propane for their gas stove and water heater. Propane is a great option, but can be a fire hazard if not properly maintained.


Gas is an excellent way of heating your tiny home. A woodstock gas stove is capable of making your tiny home warm, cozy, and stylish. Further, it can potentially double as an excellent cooking appliance. Ask our team of professionals at Bauer Mechanical about your tiny home’s gas stove options.


Many electrical heaters will do a fantastic job of heating tiny homes. You can find fantastic electric heaters at your local department store — feel free to ask our HVAC team for further electric heater recommendations. Electrics heaters are an inexpensive heating choice  — this is a great option if electricity is regularly accessible.

Whatever your motivation is to become “tiny” there are a number of ways to ensure your home is comfortable and properly heated. While Bauer Mechanical is certainly more used to working in traditional residencies and commercial spaces, we’re always up for interesting new projects. If your tiny home (or traditional home) is in need of our assistance, give us a call — 970-690-1021. We look forward to working with you!

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Home Heating and Child Safety

As a new parent you want to ensure your home is a safe, comfortable environment for your child. Knowing to child-proof certain areas of your home are simple to identify. For example, keeping knives and culterly in a place that’s out-of-sight- from little hands is common sense. What many parents don’t know is that their home heating system can be a child hazard.

Bauer Mechanical wants to ensure your home is safe and comfortable; for this reason, we offer unmatched HVAC advice. 

  • Safety Gate
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Baby Monitor
  • Careful Eyes

As a small, local business we are deeply invested in our customers because they are neighbors and friends. We understand we can’t offer much advice on child safety (parenthood for that matter) but we can provide child safety solution and how they relate to your heating and cooling system.

If you are a parent or a parent to be, we hope you found this article helpful. Let us know if we can do anything to improve your HVAC system. We are here and happy to help. Reach Bauer Mechanical at:https://bauermechanicalhvac.com/

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Take Control of Your Allergies With Bauer Mechanical

Your allergies can be triggered by a number of factors. Uncomfortable, itchy allergies can make life unpleasant to say the least. Itchy eyes and a constant cold can kill your energy and drain your overall quality of life. For this reason, it is wise to understand how your environment can influence your allergies. In this blog, Bauer Mechanical  will explore how humidity impacts your allergies.

Low Humidity

Dry air is a quick way to irritate your sinuses and throat. In fact, many people may think they’re suffering from allergies, but it’s actually non-allergic rhinitis. People who are suffering from allergies may find a dry climate makes them prone to worse allergies and viruses.

High Humidity

Moist air is the perfect environment for allergens like dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria to thrive. A home with high humidity can quickly the perfect place for allergens to thrive. Dust mites do especially well in humid areas. Most allergists recommend keeping indoor humidity below 50% to kill bacteria and allergens.

Humidity Solutions

Low and high humidity environments can have a significant impact on the severity of your allergies, and overall health. If you are prone to respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, or a weak immune system, you ought to consider humidity solutions for your home. Invest in a humidifier to eliminate an overly dry or humid home. The experts, at Bauer Mechanical, are more than happy to help you find a humidifier that its your home’s unique needs.

At Bauer Mechanical, we will do everything we can to make your home comfortable. Take control of your allergies by ensuring you live in a humidity balanced environment. Our team of professional, certified technician, will diagnose your furnace, and resolve whatever problem you are experiencing. You can reach us at: (970) 690-1021. Our customer service team looks forward to speaking with you.

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Maintaining Your Boiler: with Bauer Mechanical

Cleaning your boiler does not exactly set the tone for an ideal weekend, or interesting conversation. Still, property owners must maintain their home or business’s appliances if they want them to last, perform properly, and maintain a safe, clean home. Boilers must be cleaned and maintained regularly or their performance will quickly deteriorate. In today’s blog, Bauer Mechanical will discuss the importance of easy inspections, fuel failures, and investing in a chemical clean.

Easy Inspections

Not every boiler inspection or cleaning job has to be an ordeal. Performing regular, easy visual inspections are a great way to ensure your boiler is performing properly. Take time once a month to visually inspect your boiler tubes — check for scale buildup and corrosion. Monitor the flue gas temperature for potential problems; as a general rule, if the temperature rises when there is an overabundance of air, there is likely a problem that needs a service call.

Fuel Failures

Failing to maintain or clean your boiler can create a number of problems. One problem we experience frequently at Bauer Mechanical are boilers with fuel failures. Fuel failures result in unstable flames which can lead to dangerous and damaging boiler explosions. You should never operate your furnace if it is experiencing fuel failures or a faulty flame. However, you can prevent fuel failures by maintaining your boiler and investing in regular HVAC inspections.

Chemical Clean

Chemical cleans are an annoying, costly chore that require you to turn off your boiler for at least a day. While

chemical cleanings are expensive and inopportune, they may be exactly what your boiler needs after a fuel failure. Chemical cleans can dramatically extend your boiler’s life, and end fuel failures. HVAC appliances are expensive, especially in commercial appliances — chemical cleans can help you get moe out of your HVAC system and prevent expensive fuel failures. We recommend a chemical clean to commercial properties and to anyone who has experienced a fuel failures.

Maintain your boiler to prevent fuel failures and chemical cleans. The technicians at Bauer Mechanical are always happy to help. If your boiler has experienced a fuel failure, we can help you find a repair solution. At Bauer Mechanical, we will do everything we can to keep your home cozy, warm, and within budget. We hope you find this blog beneficial. Thank you for reading our blog at Bauer Mechanical. For more information, give us a call at: (970) 690-1021. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reading our blog at Bauer Mechanical!