Keeping the Air Moving: 5 Reasons to Keep Up with Your HVAC Maintenance

hvac maintenance

Did you know that residents of The Centennial State shell out almost $405 a month for utilities alone?

That’s right!

That makes utility bills in Colorado among the highest in the United States!

What’s more, 28% of that goes toward electricity alone, averaging $113.65 a month. So, within a year, you’re likely paying more than $1,300 a year just for electricity!

It can get much higher if you forget about proper HVAC maintenance. Neglecting the upkeep of your space heater and cooler can drive your energy bills way up.

That alone should already prompt you to get your heater and air conditioner tuned up on a regular basis. But know that yearly maintenance can cut your costs in more ways than just keeping your energy bills low.

Ready to learn all about these vital cost-cutting benefits of regular HVAC upkeep? Then keep reading, as that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this post!

1. Improved Efficiency

Even the folks at Energy Star recommend annual maintenance for HVAC systems. After all, the components of your HVAC system have worked hard and accumulated dust in the last 365 days. Some of the gears and connections may also have loosened or have become worn out.

For example, dust build-up on evaporator and condenser coils will reduce their efficiency. Lack of lubrication on moving HVAC parts will result in increased friction. Debris accumulation on condensate drains will affect the AC’s cooling ability.

All these problems will then have the unit trying to compensate by eating up more energy. That’s a complete waste of energy, one that you can avoid through annual maintenance.

2. … That Translates to Reduced Energy Consumption

Higher energy use means higher energy bills. The worst part is, you’re not even enjoying the utmost comfort even with this increased energy use!

The last thing you want is to pay for energy that you don’t get to use. So, to keep your heating and cooling costs down, make sure you schedule your HVAC system for a yearly tune-up.

3. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The more energy your HVAC unit consumes, the more emissions it also produces. Among these emissions are hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are potent greenhouse gases. In fact, they’re more potent environmental warmers than carbon dioxide!

So, why not do the environment a favor by getting your HVAC system tuned-up? This will boost its energy efficiency and performance, so it won’t use more energy than needed.

4. Extend the Life of Your Heater and Cooler

Professional HVAC preventative maintenance helps you avoid voiding the unit’s warranty. In fact, an HVAC professional can help you prevent expensive system break downs. By inspecting your unit thoroughly, they can identify and correct problems right away.

5. Keep the Air Inside Your Home Clean and Fresh

You might not have noticed it, but it’s likely that you spend 90% of your time indoors. The thing is, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside!

Dirty HVAC air filters and vents are common contributors to polluted indoor air. When dust and debris clog these up, the heated or cooled air can push the contaminants back into the air. They’ll then end up recirculating inside your home.

From there, you’re at risk of breathing problems and even allergic reactions.

This again proves how important regular HVAC maintenance is. By having a pro service your heater and cooler, you can keep your indoor air clean and pollutant-free.

Save the Date Now and Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance ASAP

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to stay on top of your home’s HVAC maintenance. It prevents spikes in your energy bills and also keeps your home safe from indoor pollutants. What’s more, it helps reduce your home’s emissions, benefitting you and the environment too.

So, as early as now, schedule your HVAC system for routine maintenance service! If you’re within Loveland or Northern Colorado, we can get the job done at the most convenient time for you. Check out our services and contact options now so we can give your heater and cooler the TLC it deserves!