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Easy Ways that Loveland, CO Homeowners Can Improve Their Home’s Air Quality

If you have one or more family members that suffer from seasonal allergies (or you have someone in your household that suffers from asthma), it’s natural to want to find ways to improve the quality of the air that’s inside of your home.

We’ve actually written blog posts about this in the past.

To recap, your HVAC can be used to help accomplish this goal, and the single most important thing that you can do involves checking your air filters on a monthly basis, replacing them as they start to appear dirty, and asking your HVAC repairman if a higher Merv-rated filter will work with the system you have.

(Remember- the higher the Merv rating, the better the filter will be at filtering out contaminants, but before you rush out and buy something new, you’ll want to make sure a higher Merv-rated filter will be compatible with your HVAC’s motor.)

For this blog post, we wanted to talk about some of the other things you can do to help make the air you breathe a little cleaner.

Duct cleaning is a must

Do you remember when you were a child, and how the air in the house would smell a little funky when the furnace was fired up for the first time? The reason for this is simple- it’s because the ducts were dirty.

If you don’t clean the top of your dresser, you’re eventually going to find it covered in dust. If you never have your ducts cleaned, well, you can probably only begin to imagine the types of things that collect inside of them!

Every time you turn on your furnace (or your central AC unit in the summer), air is forced through every duct in your home. If the ducts are filled with pollen, dust, pet dander, spider webs (you get the picture), those contaminants are going to be pumped into the air inside of your home.

It’s a little bit gross, when you think about it, but for people who suffer from allergies and/or asthma, those contaminants can make it harder to breathe.

Most experts recommend having your ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year. It’s also recommended that you clean the wall-based air vents twice a year: once in the spring (before you start to use your AC) and once in the fall (before you start to use your furnace.)

Other pro tips

Dusting on a regular basis can help improve the air quality in your home, because much like small particles get pushed into the air if your ducts aren’t cleaned, dust particles that are allowed to settle on furniture and/or plants can be pushed into the air.

Have questions? Call Bauer Mechanical HVAC today

If you have questions about some of the other ways your HVAC system can help improve the air quality inside of your home, or if you’d like to know whether you can upgrade your HVAC filter to one with a higher Merv rating, call Bauer Mechanical HVAC today at 970-635-0266.

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