Furnace Repair | Ft. Collins Colorado 


At Bauer Mechanical Services, furnace repair has been one of our bread-and-butter repair services for over twenty years in Northern Colorado. Our expert technicians offer furnace repair for all models and make it a top priority to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the year. Our mission is to provide comfort, savings, and peace of mind to our neighbors in Fort Collins and the rest of the Front Range.


Services at Bauer Mechanical include diagnostics, heating system tune-ups, furnace repair, furnace replacement, and thermostat replacement. Our knowledgeable, quick, and friendly team of experts offer these services at a competitive price to the Fort Collins community and beyond.


Furnace and home heating system problems can come in all shapes and sizes —that’s where Bauer Mechanical comes in. Whether it be a thermostat issue, a broken fan motor, a filthy filter, or something more, our service technicians will surely get your furnace back to heating your home in no time.


Here are some of the top reasons a furnace might require repair:


1. Clogged Filters


A dirty or clogged filter restricts air flow throughout your home, so the extra heat or lack thereof may not be the furnace itself. Clogged filters put strain on your furnace unit, raising the risk of furnace damage or wear.


2. Wear and Tear


A furnace might look simple enough, but there are lots of moving parts inside. Our experts can identify if your furnace needs replacing, some new parts, or simple maintenance. If the problem turns out to be an ignition control or heating system pilot failure, rest easy. We can repair that too.


3. Restricted Air Flow


Lack of air flow prevents your home from heating up as quickly as it should. Our experts will check your unit’s bearings, belts, and fan motors to avoid furnace overheating and restricted air flow, as well as your home’s duct system for signs of aging and further wear.


3. Thermostat Issues


If the furnace itself is the brawn, consider your thermostat the brain. At Bauer Mechanical, we’ve mastered repairs for both. Depending on your home’s needs, a thermostat may be fixed, reprogrammed or replaced with new, efficient digital models.


4. Skipping Out on Regular Maintenance Checks


Keeping your home heating system running smoothly requires regular maintenance to avoid poor performance, energy inefficiency, or damage to your furnace unit.


Maintenance checks and consultation from our experts at Bauer Mechanical can save you hundreds of dollars over time and ensure that your furnace is reliable and runs efficiently throughout those snowy Fort Collins winters.


Though it’s possible to check some of these problems on your own, it never hurts to have an expert take a look. In fact, we recommend it! Our technicians are friendly, reliable, and on-call to help you repair and restore your home heating system to peak performance.


If you require maintenance or have questions about your furnace unit’s performance, don't hesitate! Call Bauer Mechanical Services today, and rest easy tomorrow