Heating Your Tiny House

In the last several years Bauer Mechanical has noticed the tiny house movement has become popular in Loveland, Colorado and surrounding areas. The tiny house movement is a conscious, social decision to live in an extremely confined home in hopes of reducing waste, and ultimately creating more personal freedom.

Perhaps you dream of living simply, and freely in your own tiny home. Maybe you want to renovate a van so you can travel on the cheap. There are many reasons people choose to renovate small, untraditional spaces — whatever your motivation, it’s important to know how to heat your tiny house.

In this article, Bauer Mechanical will address the unique social movement of living in a tiny house and how you can heat your unique living environment.


Propane is a fantastic fuel for tiny homes, because it safe, compact, easy to use, and inexpensive. Many tiny houses rely on propane for their gas stove and water heater. Propane is a great option, but can be a fire hazard if not properly maintained.


Gas is an excellent way of heating your tiny home. A woodstock gas stove is capable of making your tiny home warm, cozy, and stylish. Further, it can potentially double as an excellent cooking appliance. Ask our team of professionals at Bauer Mechanical about your tiny home’s gas stove options.


Many electrical heaters will do a fantastic job of heating tiny homes. You can find fantastic electric heaters at your local department store — feel free to ask our HVAC team for further electric heater recommendations. Electrics heaters are an inexpensive heating choice  — this is a great option if electricity is regularly accessible.

Whatever your motivation is to become “tiny” there are a number of ways to ensure your home is comfortable and properly heated. While Bauer Mechanical is certainly more used to working in traditional residencies and commercial spaces, we’re always up for interesting new projects. If your tiny home (or traditional home) is in need of our assistance, give us a call — 970-690-1021. We look forward to working with you!

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