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Keep Your Cool this Summer: Air Conditioning Tips to Save Your Energy Bill

Collectively, homeowners are spending $29 billion annually on air conditioning expenses related to energy usage. In the summer especially, homeowners start to feel the heat of rising energy bills right along with the brutal summer weather. While you can’t change the weather, you can certainly do something about your energy usage.

Read on as we break down air conditioning tips selected to help you get through summer with a lower electric bill.

Shut the Blinds to Keep in the Cool

Closing the blinds shuts out the sun and also acts to insulate your windows, keeping your house cooler and your electricity bill lower. Natural light can make a room feel pleasant but it’ll also make it uncomfortably hot. If you can’t stand the blinds closed, try this tip only during the hottest parts of the day.

Consider the Placement of Your Thermostat

Did you know the wall your thermostat sits on could actually be costing you money? Is your thermostat located on a wall in a cooler place of the house? This is the ideal.

If you notice your thermostat is in an area close to a window or another area where summer heat is creeping in you could be using more electricity on your AC unit than you need.

Check your thermostat location and aim to have it placed on an interior wall away from hotspots in your house.

Use Fans for Extra Boosts of Cool

According to the National Resource Defense Council, turning on a fan will use ten percent of what would be used when turning down your AC. Turning on a fan can also help to make the room feel quite a bit cooler. It’s a win-win.

Shut Your AC Off on the Way to Bed

People have reached a point where having access to AC may have actually made us less heat resistant. But, if you’re sleeping you’ll be less likely to notice the temperature change. Shut your AC off when you head to bed each night to cut down on senseless energy usage.

Don’t Set Your AC Too Low

This isn’t a game of limbo. How low your AC can go is not the optimum solution to a hot summer, especially when you’re trying to cut back on energy usage.

Here’s a helpful hint: Set your AC ten to fifteen degrees higher every day for eight hours. (That’s the average length of a workday.)

This will bring your overall usage down. And if you work it around when you’re out of the house, you will barely notice a difference.

Some AC units even give you the ability to set timers. If you have that option, simply set the AC unit to shut off at the time you leave and to turn on right before you return.

When all else fails and you’re doing all you can do to cut costs, consider maintenance and reparative measures to achieve an energy bill that doesn’t make you sweat.

Cut Down on Costs with Clever Air Conditioning Tips

From learning how to set your AC for summer to making changes around your house, these air conditioning tips will help you to cut those painful bills down.

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