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Phew, It’s Hot in Here! How to Tell You Have a Faulty Thermostat

Summer is not the time you want to feel the heat from issues with your air conditioner.

Feeling indoor heat means something is wrong with your HVAC system. It can be a big problem, like a refrigerant leak. Or, it could simply be a faulty thermostat.

How can you tell if it’s the thermostat and not a bigger (and potentially more expensive) issue? You can check a few things about your thermostat.

What Does the Thermostat Do?

First, let’s understand how the house thermostat works. It’s the piece of air conditioning equipment that tells your system what to do.

Your thermostat connects to your HVAC system. It reads the temperature of the room and communicates with your air-conditioner.

When it works properly, your thermostat tells the air conditioner when to cool and when to stop cooling according to the temperature you’ve set.

However, when your thermostat isn’t working, your HVAC system won’t come on or shut off to properly cool your home.

What Can YOU Do?

If you feel the temperatures rising in your home, try some thermostat troubleshooting first.

Some thermostat issues are easy to fix, while other problems might require professional repair.

1. Check for Power

Your thermostat won’t work if it doesn’t have power.

Make sure there is content on the digital display. If you don’t see anything, check the circuit breaker. Confirm that the switch that applies to your thermostat is on.

Most modern thermostats also use batteries. Change the batteries while you’re confirming the thermostat has power.

2. Check the Settings

If you’ve experienced a recent power outage, it’s possible your thermostat has reset. It’s also easy to bump a switch and accidentally change a setting.

There’s also the chance someone else changed a setting if you live with multiple people in your home.

Confirm that the thermostat is set to “cool.” Check the temperature setting to make sure it’s low enough for the system to come on if the room temperature gets too high.

3. Check Under the Cover

If you’re feeling brave, check the wires under the cover.

Be sure you turn off the circuit breaker before going “undercover.” Make sure wires seem connected and in good condition. Check for loose mounting screws and tightening anything that looks loose.

If everything seems properly connected, replace the cover and turn the power on at the breaker. Set the thermostat about five degrees cooler than usual to give the system a chance to come on and blow cool air.

Don’t Feel The Heat of a Faulty Thermostat!

If everything seems to have power and a good connection, yet you still feel the heat, you might have a faulty thermostat.

Installing a new thermostat is a simple DIY project. However, if dealing with electrical wires isn’t comfortable for you, call an expert.

Bauer Mechanical can install a new thermostat for you. Plus, we’ll confirm no other issues are causing the heat to rise in your home.

Learn more about our air conditioner repair services in the Ft. Collins area!

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