Top 3 Reasons to Repair My Furnace in Ft Collins Colorado

In our last post we talked about various signs that it may be time to replace a furnace, but for this post, we wanted to talk about the benefits of furnace repair.

Below are the top three reasons you should repair (and not replace) your furnace.

It’s still relatively new

This may sound like a no-brainer, but if your furnace is newer than it is not, there’s no reason to jump right into furnace replacement. If it’s only a few years old and it’s starting to act up, you’ll want to speak with a reputable furnace repairman to determine the root of the problem.

In some cases, the remedy might be simple.

Are you having your system serviced on an annual basis? Most homeowners are surprised to learn that, much like they need to have regular service performed on their car, they should have their furnace tuned up every fall. This holds true regardless as to whether you have a gas furnace or an electric furnace. During the appointment the technician will lubricate parts that need to be lubricated, they’ll swap out the air filter and they’ll check to make sure that everything is in working order. If they determine that a part should be replaced because it looks as if it’s on the verge of failure, they’ll let you know so the work can be done promptly.

Furnace repair is cheaper than furnace replacement

If your system is older and you’re wondering if you should buy something new, you may want to have that discussion with your HVAC service provider. If the technician feels you can get a few years more out of what you currently have installed, there’s no reason to make the purchase today. Remember- replacing your furnace will cost a lot more than repairing it, and there’s no need to take on that expense sooner than you have to.

The problem is fixable

If your HVAC service provider has told you there’s no remedy to the problem you’re having, you’ll need to start thinking about replacement. But, if they feel the issue can be remedied with ease, you’d be silly to choose to buy a new furnace as opposed to repairing what you currently have in your home.

If you’re wondering “can I repair my furnace in Ft Collins Colorado,” we can help.

The experts at Bauer Mechanical HVAC have years of helping homeowners just like you with problems just like this. When you call our office we’ll be happy to help you get an appointment on the books ASAP and when we arrive at your home we’ll perform a full inspection of your system. From there, we’ll explain what our findings are, and we’ll tell you whether the problem can be fixed or whether your furnace is beyond repair.

If we do move forward with a repair, we’ll provide you with a written estimate for the work along with a timeframe for completion. If you have additional questions, call Bauer Mechanical HVAC today to get started.


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