Having cute little cats and dogs also means having pet hair and dander all over your house. Here are our top 5 HVAC tips that pet owners should know.

Top 5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

In the United States, 42% of homeowners call a professional to conduct routine maintenance on their air conditioning system. For those who do, 40% of the HVAC systems have a prolonged lifespan.

So, you now get the idea of why maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential. Don’t you?

Pets are a great addition to our family, and we’ll do everything to keep them healthy. However, due to dander, fur, and handling of outdoor contaminants, dogs and cats have a serious impact on the indoor air quality as well as the HVAC efficiency.

Here are the 5 HVAC tips for pet owners to improve on their air quality.

Keep The Ducts Clean

If you’ve got pets in your house pet dander can be a real menace, especially if you are allergic.

When it gets in contact with your body, you’ll respond by wheezing, sneezing and coughing or a running nose. Continuous exposure can lead to bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

The pet dander always finds its way into the air ducts if your pet isn’t regularly groomed. Once they get stuck in the ducts, they’ll be stirred up and recirculated in your home when your HVAC system is turned on.

That’s why you have to regularly inspect your air duct for debris, dust and pet hair. Professional cleaning also needs to be done every three to five years.

Clean Your Floor Vent

You need to walk around your house and inspect the vents that need cleaning. You pets love laying on the floor vent, so the chances are that pet hair will be stuck on the vent. When cleaning the vents, you need to start by switching off your HVAC system.

You can then remove the vent covers and clean them using vacuum, brush, soft cloth or duster.

If you have to clean them using soap and water, they’ve got to be completely dry before putting them back.

Clean floor vents will allow clean air to move around the house when the furnace is on.

Conduct a Routine HVAC Maintenance

There is a lot you can do to keep your filters and vent in an excellent working condition.

However, conducting regular maintenance such as replacing air furnace can help improve your air quality and prolongs the HVAC lifespan.

Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Apart from supporting healthy skin and fur and managing pests, frequent grooming of your pet helps to control allergens and odor.

Regular brushing can help to remove dead hair, grease, and dirt. So, you’ll never have to worry about these things on your HVAC system.

 HVAC Tips For Pet Owners Will Get You A Cleaner Home!

While dogs and cats are a great addition to your family, it’s vital to adhere to the HVAC tips for pet owners. Understanding that regular cleaning and brushing your pet can significantly reduce pet dander and hair.

Also, an air purifier will improve your indoor air quality while routine HVAC maintenance can prolong your air conditioner’s lifespan.

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