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Top Furnace Problems Experienced by Loveland, CO Homeowners

If you’re not a trained HVAC professional, you probably don’t give your furnace or HVAC a lot of thought. In fact, most people don’t think about their in-home heating and cooling components until they stop working.

Yet you may be surprised to know that there are some things you can do that will prevent a breakdown.

For this blog, we wanted to cover some of the more common furnace issues that Loveland, CO homeowners experience.

You haven’t maintained it

The best example we can give to hammer this point home relates to your car. Let’s say you buy a shiny new convertible (or truck, or SUV if that’s what tickles your fancy) and you drive it off the lot, take it home and park it in your garage.

New vehicles (and/or new-to-you vehicles) are expensive, so it’s important to have them maintained according to the manufacturer’s prescribed schedule.  Imagine what would happen to this new car if you never topped off the oil, never changed the oil, never put air in the tires and/or never bothered to change your air filter, flush your transmission fluid or take care of any of the other things that help ensure your car lives a long and happy life.

It’s called preventative maintenance for a reason!

Now that we likely have you wondering if it’s time to have a mechanic give your car a once-over, we wanted to point out that the same thought process holds true for your HVAC.

Most local HVAC companies agree that a system should receive maintenance twice a year. You should have someone take a look at it in the spring before it’s time to turn the AC on, and you’ll want to have a maintenance technician come out again in the fall before you fire up the furnace.

During the appointment, nuts and bolts will be tightened as needed, the air filters will be swapped out and the technician will lubricate and inspect all moving parts. If they determine something looks worn (which means it will be prone to failure) this will give you a chance to address the problem before it actually turns into a problem.

Emergency HVAC repair appointments are expensive- especially if you need to make a call late at night, over the weekend or during a holiday.

Speaking of filters

We’ve probably said it a million times already but we’re going to say it a million more. You need to inspect your air filter once a month and you need to replace it when it starts to look dirty. The Cliff’s Notes version is that a clogged, dirty air filter can do a number on an HVAC motor and in some cases, a dirty filter can cause a motor failure.

HVAC experts you can trust

If you have additional questions about the most common furnace problems that local homeowners experience, call Bauer Mechanical HVAC today at 970-635-0266 to speak with a licensed, local heating and cooling expert in Northern Colorado.

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